Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Best Medicine

Last night my dashingly handsome husband walked in the door with a brand new iPad. Sometimes there is an occasional perk to being a high school teacher, because his school distributed iPads to all of the teachers to familiarize themselves over the summer. It sort of felt like a Christmas gift in May, and since we are not an iPhone family, we were slightly over the moon about the whole thing. What are all of these things? Apps? Face time? Games? OH MY! Word on the street is that kids these days are using iPads in high school. You know, as opposed to paper & writing utensils. Children, what happened to good old fashioned glitter pens and mini personal pencil sharpeners?!

Anyway, we fumbled around for awhile and eventually came across the "Photo Booth" program (or is it an app? who knows...) and had some quality family photo shoot time. You guys- I have never, EVER laughed so hard in my life. Or if I have, it's been years. I was out of control, tears streaming down my face, belly aching hysterical over the twisted & distorted photos we were able to take of ourselves. I mean, really. Can you look at these pictures and not laugh out loud?

Yes, I'm aware that I resemble some sort of evil cartoon villain.

This is the one that sent us all into level 2 hysteria. Look at my sweet, beautiful baby! She looks insane!

After the laugh-fest was over, it took me some time to recover. Honestly, it was physically taxing expending all of those tears and giving my abs a much needed workout. And when I was ready to move on the the regular duties of the evening, I felt like I just took a one week cruise around the world & back. Exhausted, but so full of happiness for the memory we had just created.

God bless the iPad. Amen.

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  1. Holy moley (subbed "moley" for obscenity because of family nature of blog) that picture of Ella is AWESOME. I LOL'd. Evil cartoon villain Nicole is pretty freaking hilarious too. Glad you guys are enjoying the fruits of Catholic school teacher labor!

  2. This post is OVER THREE MONTHS OLD. What the heck? How am I supposed to keep track of what your kids are up to if I don't have your hilarious blog to tell me?

  3. Where have you been- you hilarious blogger!!! Matthew and I both have laughed and cried - just tonight reading this out-dated blog! You are wonderful and your writing needs to be seen by the world!
    Me on the other hand- I had to find where I could even leave a comment - "comment, comment...she said I could leave a comment... where do I do that?" =)